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Pillow Menu

At The Marble Arch London, we take care of even your tiniest needs making sure that whether it is day or night we offer you the utmost in luxury. To leave your own comfortable bed at home and sleep in a different room might just lead to a stiff neck for some. Our pillow menu reflects our attention to detail and shows that we like to pamper you even when you are sleeping.

You can choose a pillow type based on requirements from the following:

Hypo Allergenic Pillow

Special pillows make sure you snooze without a sniffle. This pillow is 100% Cotton, non-allergy, filled with fibre balls to ensure a satisfying sleep and no sneeze.

Anti-Aging Pillow

The proverbial "beauty sleep" just got real. Anti-aging pillow presents you with a beautiful sleep so that you wake up with a radiant glow. This unique pillow is fitted with a special cover (100% cotton) treated with Vitamin E that helps prevent skin aging. Try our special Premium Down Pillow in this range, filled with the finest goose down.

Firm Support Pillow

Our special manly pillows are for those who have firmer tastes. Request this non-allergenic pillow for solid sleep time. Made comfortably firmer with 55% goose feather inside and 45% goose down outside, and wrapped in luxurious 100% cotton cover, the manly pillow makes it a magical sleep experience.

Soft and Sumptuous Pillow

Sink into our soft fluffy non- allergenic pillows filled with goose down, that feel like a cloud, for that delicately delightful sleep. Especially designed for those who sleep lightly, here is an exquisite offering of delightful dainty sleep.

Moulded Memory Foam Pillow

Ever imagined what it would feel like to fall asleep on a pillow that shapes itself according to your posture? Try our exquisite memory-foam pillow that moulds itself around you, offering perfect neck support during the night, so that you sleep in nothing less than sheer delight. Made with 100% pincore latex, these pillows ensure that you sleep well supported.

Aroma Pillow

Aromatherapy in a pillow! Built only with pleasing ecological elements, this lovely pillow is a reviving option to a wonderful sleep - naturally!


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